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Tips on Furnishing and Furniture Packages

Purchasing a complete package from a professional designer will probably save you money, allow you to stay in your home immediately upon arrival and save the exasperation of continually waiting around for deliveries which may invariably be late. If you talk to the majority of owners who have spent time doing their own furnishings you will probably hear "never again".

The advantages of having your home ready and fully furnished for your first stay are obvious and it may even be cheaper than doing it yourself. Your management company purchase furnishings directly from the manufacturer and therefore these savings can be shared with you, the owner.

If you plan to be renting out your home it is in everybody's interest to buy quality furniture, linens and cutlery. All furnishings and appliances supplied by your management company will be replaced if found to be faulty.

Furnishings are an individual choice, however the easy-going Florida lifestyle and sub-tropical climate do dictate certain options.

When choosing colours it is normal to start with the carpet and expand the choice of tiles, kitchen countertops and paint colours from this central theme. Likewise the carpet colour will tend to dictate your choice of soft furnishings, drapes and even patio furniture. Because American homes come fully fitted out it is normal to have a colour selection meeting at the time of purchase with the builder. A representative from your management company would attend these meetings to help advise.

Be certain all bedding is "Tropicalised" and of "Hotel" grade with padded mattress covers included.

Glass and tile tabletops do not get scratched so easily as wood

The best patio furniture is made from thick plastic piping and straps. Avoid cushions, even of the plastic or nylon variety, the high humidity creates mildew in the padding which is almost impossible to remove.

Prices for furniture packages are dependent on individual choice – some typical examples are: (packages will include all soft furnishings, decorator items, kitchen utensils)

Town homes and Condominiums from $20,000

3 bedroom / 2bathroom homes from $30,000

4 bedroom / 2 bathroom homes from $35,000

Pool Heating Options:

Solar Heating: from $3,500.00 there is no sales tax payable on solar systems.
Seven Panel (4.5ft x 12ft) system with automatic valves and electronic temperature control.

Electric Heat Pump: from $3,850.00 plus sales tax - Trane, or similar 94,000 Btu output.

All wiring, plumbing and Installation included in prices.